Vandalia Non Alcoholic Wine Company

Vandalia Wine Company is filling a market need for superior quality in non alcoholic wines. To create our award-winning alcohol free wines, we use only the highest quality grapes from the Napa Valley. Our world-renowned winemaker uses a high tech and effective dealcoholization process that he pioneered.

When you drink our extraordiany dealcoholized (NA) wines, you experience a premium Napa Valley Cabernet without having to compromise taste, tannins or nose just because it is alcohol free. Vandalia is committed to producing high quality, natural non alcoholic wine that you can be proud to serve at any occasion.

Currently Sold Out.

  • Award Winning Winemaker

    Barry Gnekow has over 30 years experience and leads the category of non alcoholic wines worldwide.
  • Accolades

    Vandalia 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded silver and bronze medals in the annual LA County "Wines of the World" Competition under the category Non Alcoholic Red Wines.
  • Health Benefits of Non Alcoholic Wine

    A new study finds that drinking red wine each day reduces blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, but only if it’s non-alcoholic.
  • Experience the Difference!

    Vandalia Non Alcoholic 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon is sold online only, by the case. Currently Sold Out

  • Limited Edition Wines Available

    Vandalia’s hand crafted non alcoholic wines are perfect for all occasions. Our clients include celebrities, musicians, politicians and restaurateurs in search of a full bodied alcohol free wine. Our first run of Non Alcoholic Cabernet won the LA County “Wines of the World” bronze medal. This limited edition 2002 red is now available from our online store.